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July 14, 2017
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July 18, 2017
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Note: Use a bicycle inner tube to strap your feet to the board.

This 15 minute snowboard tutorial is designed to help improve and develop your balance and muscle memory using a Balance Bar. The skills shown in this video will help you to advance further when hitting the mountain park features.

The tricks in this video include:
– 50-50s
– frontside and backside boardslides
– frontside and backside lipslides
– nose and tail presses
– 270s in and out
– and a variety of other tricks

Some of the tricks are more difficult to achieve on your first go but stick with it as the aim is to help improve your shredding skills. The main thing to remember is it is all about muscle memory and once you have nailed it on the Balance Bar you can take it into the park.

You don’t need to have our Snowboard Addiction Balance Bar, you could make your own but the benefits are it’s easy of storing, light weight and ability to take with you on trips.

To Attached this to your feet:
You will need to cut up a bicycle inner tube (black rubber). Wrap this around the skate board and then tie it together with a knot so that it is tight around the board. To get your feet in stretch this inner tube like a rubber band and push your foot in.

Opening Music: Too Hot For TV By Josh Makorto
Music: Hard Candy (Hungry Man Remix) By Spenghead